1. EPM Selected Collection
    Various Artists

  2. Standing Alone
    Ben Long

  3. Victorious

  4. Descendants EP
    Esteban Adame

  5. Limited Esteban Adame Package
    Esteban Adame

  6. Galaxies Merging EP
    Dan Curtin

  7. Luis Martinez - House Muzic / March Into Time
    Luiz Martinez

  8. Paul Mac - Go back to go forward / Jack the dam box
    Paul Mac

  9. D-Knox - Out there

  10. PACKAGE DEAL Robert Hood - Shaker EP + Ben Long - Toltec EP
    Robert Hood,

  11. Robert Hood / Floorplan - Ritual / Shaker [EPM Music]

  12. Ben Long - Toltec EP [EPM Music]
    Ben Long

  13. EPM Selected Vol. 3
    Paul Mac, Carl Taylor, Kristian Heikkila, Lee J. Malcolm, Esteban Adame, The Third Man

  14. Ghetto Tech Detroit
    Dj Godfather

  15. Out to get it / The Grind EP
    Esteban Adame

  16. Esteban Adame - Day Labor
    Esteban Adame

  17. Esteban Adame - Home Sick EP
    Esteban Adame

  18. EPM Selected Vol. 2
    Orlando Voorn, Inigo Kennedy, Lee J Malcolm, Carl Taylor, Paul Mac, BPMF

  19. Circuit Breaker
    Greg Gow & Gareth Whitehead

  20. EPM Selected Vol. 1
    Esteban Adame, Marius, Carl Taylor, Lee J Malcom, Luis Martinez, Dirt Crew,

  21. Pipes at Helios Canyon
    The Third Man

  22. Do Me
    Luis Martinez

  23. Beyond the Heliosphere
    The Third Man

  24. Double Dawn
    The Third man, John Heckle, Claro, Intelecto

  25. The Players Club Compilation Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  26. Debbie's Groove
    Carl Taylor

  27. Hotel Insomnia
    Paul Mac

  28. Trashcan Riotface Queen
    Lee J Malcolm

  29. Drums & Breaks
    Paul Mac

  30. Kombinations
    Kristian Heikkila

  31. Terrestrial
    Lee J Malcolm

  32. 01 / Noid
    Kristian Heikkila

  33. Khordium / 02
    Kristian Heikkila

  34. Now for Prague / Toulouse Or Not
    Lee J Malcolm

  35. True Faith
    Carl Taylor

  36. The Driver / 9MM Monk
    Abe Duque & Paris The Black Fu

  37. Perplexer
    Carl Taylor, Orlando Voorn

  38. Also Sprach Zarathustra

  39. Omega: Alive
    Robert Hood

  40. Oh Yeah
    Lee J Malcolm

  41. OneStar
    Lee J Malcolm

  42. Only U

  43. EPM 10
    Mark Broom, James Ruskin, Orlando Voorn, Floorplan, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Sandwell District

  44. Paul Mac ‎– Hotel Insomnia EP [EPM Music]
    Paul Mac

  45. Robert Armani - Circus Bells
    Robert Armani

  46. Nuttin' Butt Funk
    Detroit Grand Pubahs

  47. Rollin' Papers & Bush [Detelefunk]
    Detroit Grand Pubahs

  48. Thanks For Coming [Detelefunk]
    Detroit Grand Pubahs

  49. Birth In Zero Gravity [Detelefunk]
    Detroit Grand Pubahs

  50. Detroit Grand Pubahs - Riot 66
    Detroit Grand Pubahs

  51. Black Matters [Detelefunk]
    Detroit Grand Pubahs

  52. Assistance from an Unknown Source
    Detroit Grand Pubahs

  53. Sam & Dave - Keep On Lovin'

  54. Various - Maastricht - Liege E.P.
    Sierra Sam, Da Intruders, Break 3000

  55. Limitations [Sur Muzique]
    Carl A. Finlow

  56. Show Down [Sur Muzique]
    Carl A. Finlow

  57. On the Run [Urban Substance Records]
    Ignition Technician

  58. House Special EP [Urban Substance Records]
    Frankie Bones

  59. Electronic Sockets Pt. 3 [Urban Substance Records]
    Oliver Way


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